What people are saying:

Corey is an outstanding Pilates instructor who guides the class with a perfect blend of sensitivity and humor. I really enjoy coming to her class and find that it makes me feel rejuvenated and ready to face the day.”   Laura C, Westchester NY

“The Pure Body Mat Class led by Pilates instructor Corey Anne Radtke is for all ages, body types and levels of conditioning. They are as challenging as you want them to be, yet whenever I cannot do a movement as thoroughly as others in the class I have never felt embarrassed. Corey has told us repeatedly what the basic movement is and how to add more to it if we are able to do so. The class is fun, yet serious. Everyone is there to get stronger and to learn movements to do at home. We are so fortunate to have Corey as a teacher.”   Tyler, Westchester NY

“Over the years I have suffered severe cervical and lumbar spinal injuries, and have had many surgeries.  I was anxious to start a new type of exercise.  Corey is a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher.  She closely watches for proper body alignment, and offers alternate positions when needed.  After 6 months of regular classes, I notice an improvement in flexibility, strength, and muscle tone.  Corey made it possible for me to relax in her care and retrain my body to move in a healthier way.”  Cathy, Rye, NY  (Cathy takes Corey’s mat class as well as private sessions) 

Corey’s class is wonderful. There is structure, compassion, discipline, caring with individual freedom to not push that far if the body ‘can’t go there’.  I really enjoy it!”  Vreni, Rye NY

“What a wonderful experience it has been working with Corey! Her easy going style helped me to re-enter the world of exercise after several surgeries and a year of doing nothing. With every class I feel stronger and able to do a little more. Thank you for being so clear concise and genuinely concerned for your students. I’m having a good time and getting fit too!”      Donna, Westchester NY

“I have been a client of Corey’s for several years. Her knowledge of Pilates and health and wellness in general is so beneficial, especially for someone like me who has serious health issues. Corey makes each session a learning experience and always challenges me. She listens to her clients needs and gives each one an individualized training experience designed to give you the best benefits of strength, toning, and good health. Her approach to teaching is always professional and informative but with a gentle touch. I look forward to my sessions with Corey each week. It is the best gift I have given to myself! She has helped me to feel better when I had given up on so many other exercise and health regimens. Thank you Corey!”               Doreen, Rye NY

“I began working with Corey 6 years ago.  After my back surgery 5 years ago I worked with Corey and used Pilates to rehabilitate.  I had been teaching Pilates mat classes for several years prior to the surgery but did not fully appreciate the impact it had on healing my back and improving my overall conditioning.  Corey is an excellent teacher and understands the body and knew what I could and couldn’t do.  By working with her I found strength and endurance that I never realized that I had and it has helped me in every aspect of my life both physically and mentally. Corey has encouraged me to continue on with my Pilates training and has been an excellent mentor.  I continue to work with her regularly and my body has never been stronger.”    Laura M, Greenwich, CT

“I was 42 when my son was born. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight during the pregnancy. By the time Aidan was 8 months old I was tired of feeling fat and out of shape. I started doing Pilates at Corey’s studio two times a week. Right from the beginning I loved working with Corey. She designed an exercise routine for me that was challenging without being impossible, taught me proper technique which maximized my ability and strengthened my core. I have taken Pilates with other instructors, but Corey has been without equal in her knowledge, experience, and professional attitude. Within 16 months I had lost 30 lbs. and have never felt as fit and healthy as I do now. Thank you, Corey!”   Catherine, Rye NY

“Corey is a wonderful teacher. She is calm, encouraging, professional and very knowledgeable. I started taking Pilates lessons with her about six years ago. Since then, my posture has improved, my body is more toned, I have become stronger and I simply feel better. On top of all that, I really enjoy working out with her! Our lessons are a very important part of my week, and I always look forward to it. A year ago, I herniated two discs in my lower back and had to stop all exercise for a while. I was able to avoid surgery but now have to be vigilant about strengthening my core. Corey has been great in encouraging me and working with me at a slow pace. Pilates is the perfect exercise for me, and I plan to work with Corey for many years to come!”    Kristin, Westchester NY

“I highly recommend Corey Anne Radtke as a Pilates instructor. I have been her private student for over a year.  She has a wonderfully calm, positive nature. She is focused in class and keeps me doing the exercises correctly, to ensure that I get the maximum benefit from them.  She has been very attentive to my posture and mobility issues, in addition to addressing my need for general strengthening. I have learned to be more aware of my movement and my body’s needs.   I can attest that I feel much better now that I’ve been doing Corey’s Pilates class. I don’t ever want to give it up!”   Tyler, Rye NY