Corey’s Top 10 Reasons to practice Pilates!

I truly believe that Pilates is for everyone!  An amazing quality of this wonderful fitness technique is the ability to adapt to ANY BODY and meets you wherever you are with your current fitness level and strength. Strengthening your large and small muscles uniformly, Pilates helps you be better at everything else in your life. Are you a runner? Do you play tennis? Swim? Bike? Do you have to stand a lot during your day? Sit a lot during your day? It doesn’t matter what it is, Pilates helps you just be betterHere are my top 10 reasons to engage in a Pilates workout:

  1. You will learn to focus on the deep muscles of the abdomen (THE ABS!) and spine while also providing a full body workout.
  2. The Pilates exercises are engineered to protect your lower back, aiding in injury prevention and spinal health and providing relief of chronic pain.
  3. Pilates lengthens muscles as they are strengthened, resulting in long, lean, strong yet flexible muscles.
  4. Improves your whole body alignment resulting in improved posture only after a few sessions.
  5. The fluid movements coupled with breath are designed to reduce stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and not exhausted.
  6. Pilates improves your overall balance.
  7. Pilates increases bone-density, so as you age, you are less susceptible to breaks and fractures.
  8. Pilates’ articulation exercises improve digestion and circulation.
  9. Happy side effects of Pilates can include weight-loss, waist whittling, and long, lean muscles.

And last but definitely not least…. my number TEN reason to try Pilates:

After consistence practice, you will notice improvement in your mood!  To quote Joe Pilates, “Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.”


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