What is Neutral Spine or Neutral Pelvis?

And why is it important to work in this position?

If you have ever seen an x-ray picture of a the spinal vertebrae, or drawings or photos in an anatomy book then you know that the spine is not a straight bodily structure, like building blocks stacked directly on top of each other, but more of a snake-like curved structure.  Neutral Spine is the NATURAL curves in the spine, when standing in an upright healthy stance. In this position, the pelvis is not rotated posteriorly (tailbone tucked under) or rotated anteriorly (lordosis/swayback) however just…neutral. Read More…

Corey’s mat class

A word about the community mat class I teach at Rye Presbyterian Church.  I initially set out to reach more people than I would in my one on one work.  I love the Pilates formula so much I wanted to give back to as many as I could in my community and show this wonderful technique, particularly to those 40 and up.  Pilates helps us to age to with grace and strength and is a SAFE way for a whole body workout.  I wanted to show more people what Pilates can do for their bodies and well being.  So the community mat class Read More…


After a mat class the other day a student asked me about breathing: “I got a little dizzy with the breathing, is that normal?”  An excellent question, and I’ll get to the answer a little later, but the question of breath really got me thinking about how I approach teaching the Pilates method.  When teaching a mat class or a private session, I cue each inhale and exhale very specifically with the movement.  I also take time at the beginning of the class dedicated just to breathing. I have noticed over the years that this is rare – many movement teachers barely mention the breath in their classes.  Why is that?

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FAMI Workshop in July 2012

I just spent five wonderful days at The Mount Sinai School for Medicine attending the FAMI Workshop (Functional Anatomy for Movement Instructors). The purpose of this intensive anatomy study is to give movement instructors like myself an inside view of the body and how what I do as a Pilates teacher can help in either preventing or assisting in the healing of dysfunctional movement.

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Pilates Anytime Interview

by Pilates Anytime
Corey Anne Radtke Rye, New York, USA
Pilates Instructor and Founder of Pure Body Pilates

What originally motivated you to try Pilates?

Finding Strength Through Pilates

Rye Record: Thursday, 12 April 2012

By Robin Jovanovich

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Announcing Therapeutic Pilates Mat Class

Getting ready for my first mat class in my Therapeutic Pilates Mat Class series.  I will begin a six-week series at Rye Presbyterian Church April 17.  I have lots of faith in the technique I am teaching and that people will come. This is a beautiful space to be teaching in, very fortunate indeed!

Contrology is designed to give suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work. ~ Joseph Pilates